Data synchronization and orchestration

Do you use multiple tools, platforms, and databases for your sales and marketing? Then you might notice that very often cloud applications become data silos, meaning that they are not able to seamlessly communicate with each other.

Get a single-click access to all your favorite marketing, sales and customer support tools with – data integration platform and start using your tools to their fullest potential. Use Data Blend templates with a step-by-step navigation or use a widget editor to build custom Data Blends.

Integrate +100 sales and marketing tools

Connect your CRM, marketing automation applications, social media accounts, mailing tools, project management platforms, support systems and much more. See all integrations.

data synchronisation

Data Synchronization

Create Data Blends that sync all your data and spare you from manual data monitoring and updating. Change your customer information in e.g. your CRM tool and will automatically update it on your mailing platform, marketing automation application, and other tools. Send data from your customer online purchases straight to your marketing automation platform.


Automation of your data flows

Create Data Blends to automate your marketing, sales and customer support. For example, when your client contacts customer support, it will automatically create a new project in your project management tool and send notifications to the right channels on Slack or on other internal communication platforms.


Orchestration of your campaigns

Once you get a form submission from your website or an actual purchase, run this lead or customer through Clearbit or other data enrichment application to get more information and target him or her with a personalised offer through email marketing. At the same time, you can sync your leads’ email addresses with your Facebook Ad Manager to create campaigns for lookalike audiences.

Create Data Blends to combine, share and enrich your data