Personalized services to get the most out of

The integration team is available to help you to successfully implement your integration strategy. offers onboarding services, personalized training, and hands-on sessions to create your first integrations. Contact us to learn more on how we supercharge your integration capabilities.

Onboarding Services

Work together with the integration team to understand how to manage your Integration Hub, and to choose an embedding scenario that suits your SaaS platform best. Learn how to manage your customers and how to build integration templates.

Training Sessions

Get technical training for your development team and customer success team. During the training, we will cover all aspects of building new integrations, as well as patterns and best practises. Choose between 5h, 10h and 20h training packages.

Assistance in building first templates

Using the Blend Editor for the first time? Save time on building your first integrations. The integration team can assist you with hands-on sessions, while you build your first integration templates.

Who uses services?

The integration team is available to assist enterprises, agencies andĀ SaaS companies in every aspect of their integration strategy, and to train developmentĀ teams and customer success teams. We take a personalized approach to our onboarding and training services.