Pricing for SaaS Platforms

20 £ / month per end-customer
for 1000 end-customers


The Integration Team will add your SaaS platform connector to for free. Once your platform is connected to, you can start building integrations with other 150+ connectors.


From £1400 (optional)

Creating integrations yourself is free but requires training on the Blend Editor. Alternatively, you can ask the Integration Team to build integrations for you – starting from £1400.


Yes, you can choose pricing that suits you best. For example, if you have a recurring subscription model the pricing above will suit you best. If you charge your customers per-event, check per-event pricing for events SaaS companies here.

A Connector is a cloud platform that is integrated with Connectors come with a set of action blocks which are visual representations of APIs. You can select, drag & drop action block from one platform and connect it to action blocks of other platforms and build actual integrations.

A Blend is a workflow between two or more platforms that you can set up in the Blend Editor. A Blend is an actual integration that consists of linked Connectors’ action blocks, mapped fields, conditions, variables, and other blocks.

A Template is a Blend (Integration) with a user-friendly interface for end-customers. To set up an integration, your customers just need to link their platforms, without opening the Blend Editor.

Definitely yes. Let us know which connector is missing by mailing to and the Integration Team will add it free of charge.

Yes, you or your team can build integrations for your customers. To create integrations in the Blend Editor you do not have to know how to code, but you need to have a certain level of technical skills. can provide your team with training on the platform. offers a flexible partnership and it is up to you to decide who will be doing the support. can be responsible for the second-line support or you can handle the support yourself. There is different pricing for depending on who does the support.