Management layer

Manage your customers, integrations and the way you embed integrations

Manage customers

Your Integration Hub is a central place to manage your customers, integrations and the way you embed them into your SaaS platform.

Your customers can activate integration themselves, or your customer support team can manage integrations for your customers, or you can outsource the whole integration project to the team.


Manage integrations is a flexible and scalable integration platform that empowers SaaS companies with integrations for both “self-service” and enterprise-grade customers.

Turn the integrations you’ve built with the Blend Editor into high-volume integration templates that can be used by every customer.

Do you have enterprise-level customers with specific integration challenges? Use the Blend Editor to build complex integrations tailored to your enterprise customers, test integrations and activate them for your customers.

Manage integration embedding

Choose the way you display integrations to your customers. Simply add a link in your SaaS platform to your Integration Hub, add a link with SSO (Single-Sign-On), fully embed integrations into your own UI using an iframe or using the API in your own server-side code. is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution for SaaS companies


Flexible is a flexible integration platform to build customized enterprise-grade integrations as well as standardized self-service integrations

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The Blend Editor offers a set of powerful integration features including filters, variables, conditions, data queues, webhook support, schedules and more


Connected has a growing library of 300+ connectors to cloud applications in MarTech, EventTech, databases, and a wide range of other cloud services



The Blend Editor is a visual integration builder that allows you to integrate platforms without coding and turn integrations into user-friendly templates

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Scalable supports big data as well as hyper-scalable and distributed execution to manage billions of data records


Secure is a hyper-secure platform with 2-factor authentication and external testing and audits

Add native integrations to your SaaS platform

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Management layer