Machine learning

E-commerce platforms, company databases and other marketing and sales applications are generating new data every minute. Now companies have more consumer information than they have ever had before. Technology is getting smarter as it continues to learn and help companies optimize their efforts.

Machine learning uses historical data, which you can get from your applications, in order to learn and give you recommendations. You do not have to be a data scientist or a developer to apply machine learning to your marketing and sales. Use Data Blend templates that will guide you through the configuration or build your own Data Blends.

Use data from your marketing and sales tools to apply machine learning

predictive segmentation

Predictive segmentation

Predict buying propensity of your target audiences. Use historical data about your customer purchases, their demographics, and interests from your own databases, CRM or take information from your e-commerce platforms or advertising tools and connect it to Amazon Machine Learning to build predictive customer segments. Use audience predictions to wisely distribute your marketing budget and efforts and target the audience who is more likely to convert.

product recommendation

Product recommendations

Offer product recommendations based on the previous customer purchases. Integrate your e-commerce platform with recommendation platform, e.g. Recombee, to apply machine learning and get information on what products your audiences are more likely to purchase next. Link your recommendation platform to your marketing automation application and orchestrate personalized campaigns.

Apply machine learning to your marketing and sales