GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

If your company offers goods and services to EU residents, monitors the behaviour of EU residents or is established in the EU, you need to comply with GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, which is the new European law on privacy.

Your processing of personal data needs to meet certain strict conditions. One of them is that your data subject – your lead, customer, employee or anybody else who’s information you process – has the right to ask you which data you hold on him or her. You need to be able to provide that data from all your data sources such as internal databases, cloud applications, your CRM, your marketing tools etc. Furthermore, individuals have the right to ask you for updates, to remove the data or exclude them from profiling.

GDPR use case

Another important part of becoming a GDPR-ready company is that you need to keep a record of your overall data process in a Data Register. This document should be a comprehensive list of all the types of personal data you store, what category of data it comprises, on what grounds you collect this data, how long you store it, how you minimize risks and many more aspects related to privacy governance.

Create your Data Register and access your Data Subject Dashboard is a data integration platform that helps you become GDPR-ready by providing single-click access to your data sources and by automating the process of building a Data Register.

Create your Data Register

Automate the process of creating a comprehensive data register

Follow an easy step-by-step guide to build and maintain your central Data Register. The Data Register wizard will take you through all the steps to identify each type of personal data and gather all compliance information. You can maintain your Data Register online, and export as an Excel or PDF document.

Available in multiple languages

Data Subject Dashboard

Central management of personal data

Easily connect the cloud applications you use to store and process personal data, e.g. your databases, CRM, advertising tools, mailing tools and any other marketing and sales applications. After linking all your sources, you can use the Data Subject Dashboard to look up all the data that you store on an individual, and you can export this report to PDF for sharing.

Your data subject has the right to ask your company for the data that you hold on him or her, and ask to correct the data or even “to be forgotten”. To help your company provide, correct and delete your data subject’s information, created the Data Subject Dashboard.

Using the Data Subject Dashboard, you can centrally correct data with a single click in all connected data stores, or apply the “right to be forgotten” or the right to be excluded from profiling. The result is that the data of the individual will be updated in all connected systems without the risk of inconsistencies.

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Comply with GDPR:

create your Data Register and access your Data Subject Dashboard