Enrich features of your cloud application

Connect to Blendr.io and offer comprehensive data integrations to your customers with Blendr.io Unified API, the Data Hub or simply outsource data integration services to us.

Solution for enterprises unified data access Blendr.io

Instantly add 100+ integrations to your application

Let your customers use data from their other marketing and sales applications on your platform. 

Integrations Blendr.io

New integrations are added weekly!

White-label Data Hub

Your embedded and branded Data Hub lets your users sync, blend, enrich and orchestrate data flows from other marketing and sales applications on your platform.

  • White-label
  • Add powerful use cases to your platform
  • Customizable Data Blend templates
  • Instantly add 100+ connectors to your platform
  • Save development time on integrations

Blendr.io Unified API

Use Blendr.io Unified API to integrate your platform with hundreds of other SaaS applications.

  • One-time integration for your development team
  • White-label
  • Unified in all aspects
  • No maintenance headaches
  • Easy testing with unified stubs and built-in test data
  • SDK’s for PHP, Javascript, and other languages

Data integration services

outsourced data integration solution Blendr.io

Blendr.io is your trusted partner for any type of data integrations. Blendr.io can assist your service teams, or work directly with your end-customers.

  • Presales: assist in responding to your RFP’s, setup POC’s
  • Project initiation: consultancy, project management, setup data integrations, implementation of custom data integrations.
  • Aftersales: monitoring, maintenance, support

The SaaS integration strategies Bluebook

Are you considering to publish an API or you want to replace your ad-hoc integration efforts with a comprehensive ecosystem? Then this bluebook is for you!