Choose how you want to integrate your SaaS platform with 150+ applications

White Label Integration Hub

The White Label Integration Hub is an integration platform powered by and tailored to your specific business needs, your SaaS industry and your customers’ integration requests.

Use the Blend Editor to build all the integrations your customers are asking for and publish Integration Templates inside your Hub.

SSO (Single Sign-On)

Do you want your customers to log into your White Label Integration Hub with your SaaS platform account?

Add a link in your platform, e.g. “Manage integrations”. This link opens your Integration Hub, and with a Single Sign-On your customers are logged in automatically in the Hub.

Customers can choose an integration from the list of templates and activate it with a few clicks.

Embedded integrations

List all the available integrations inside your application and let your users activate embedded integrations straight away from your SaaS platform. 

Call the API to show the up-to-date list of integrations or use the JavaScript snippet provided by

Each available integration is listed as an icon in your platform (e.g. on your page ”My integrations”) or in your Marketplace. When customers click an icon, an embedded modal is opened to configure the integration in just few clicks.

Fast, flexible and powerful integrations

Keep control over your integrations

Blend Editor, the visual workflow builder, allows you to build integrations between your SaaS platform and other marketing, sales and events cloud tools without coding.

Turn your integrations into easy-to-use templates with a set-up wizard for your customers. You can always adapt and customize your templates if your client requests a slightly different integration scenario.

The takes care of maintaining the connectors and frees your development team from integration headaches.

Choose your service model

In-house service model

Get training from and start building Custom Blends and Blend Templates to set up all integrations your customers need.

Outsourced service model

No time to build integrations for your customers? The integration team can take care of the whole integration project.

Flexible licensing models

End-user licenses

End customer payment

No license fee for you, SaaS partner. Your end-customers pay a license to use the integrations.

Bulk license

Bulk license

Fixed monthly license fee paid by the SaaS company, to use the integrations.

Seamlessly integrate your SaaS platform with marketing, sales and events cloud tools

Co-marketing & sales enablement

Promotion of your integrations

The Marketing Team helps you to promote integration solutions to your customers with tailored to your platform brochures, slide decks, webinars and tutorials. organizes workshops and live demos to train your sales and development teams.

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