White label Data Hub for SaaS Companies

Give your customers all the integration capabilities they need

SaaS integration White label data hub

You need an integration strategy

The ability to seamlessly integrate with other platforms is one of the key drivers contributing to the purchase decision of companies.

Customers expect your cloud application to be smoothly integrated with social media, marketing automation tools, CRM, machine learning platforms, data warehouses and other sales and marketing applications.

White label Data Hub

We take pride in building deep knowledge on your platform

Integration services are not just about the right technology. It requires a deep understanding of data structures and concepts that are specific to every SaaS application.

The Blendr.io Professional Services team is trained on the SaaS application of each of our partners, in order to deliver valuable advice to your customers.

We specialize in sales and marketing use cases. We eat marketing automation, data enrichment, campaign orchestration and lead generation for breakfast !

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Niko Nelissen
Founder & CEO

Blendr.io is your trusted partner for any type of integration

Stop doing one-time integrations – they are hard, time-consuming and costly

Build your own integrations

Empower your integration team with a powerful platform. You can use the Blendr.io Unified API and visual Data Blend editor to set up all integrations your customers need.

Outsource integrations to a trusted partner

Blendr.io can assist your Professional Service teams or work directly with your customer. Simply refer your customers to us and we will take care of the whole integration project and support, while you can focus on your core business.

Flexible licensing models

End-user licenses

No license fee for you, the SaaS partner. Your end-customers pay a license to use the Data Hub.

Bulk license

Fixed monthly license fee paid by the SaaS company a license to use the Data Hub.

Why partner with us?

Create a win-win situation for you and your end-customer:

  • Flexible licensing models: your end-users buys a license or you use a bulk license for all your customers
  • Free your development team from integrations
  • Stop building "technical debt"
  • Instantly connect 100+ applications to your platform
  • Forget about integration maintenance and support
  • Outsource the responsibility of integrations
  • Add powerful use cases to your platform: big data, machine learning, data integrations, data enrichment, orchestration and more

A partnership that will help you close more deals

Blendr.io is your trusted partner for every phase of the integration project:

  • Pre-sales: assist in responding to your RFP’s, setup POC’s
  • Project initiation: consultancy, project management, setup data integrations, implementation of custom data integrations
  • Aftersales: monitoring, maintenance and support

Powerful Blendr.io features

Blendr.io is an enterprise-scale data integration and cloud automation platform that bridges the gap between citizen users and developers.

powerful-building-blocks copy

Powerful building blocks

big-data-support copy

Big-data support

hyper-scalable-execution copy

Hyper-scalabe execution

schedules-batch-webhooks copy

Schedules, batch & webhooks

100-plus-connectors copy

130+ connectors

for-citizen-users-developers copy

For citizen users & developers

content-personalization copy

Content Personalization

data-compliance copy

Data Compliance

dynamic-ad-creatives copy

Dynamic ad creatives

secure-docker-container-based-isolation copy

Secure Docker container based isolation

templates-setup-wizards copy

Templates & Setup wizards

whitelabel-for-saas copy

Whitelabel for SaaS