Integrate your marketing and sales applications
and automate workflows across multiple tools

Sync and automate applications

Sync data in your marketing and sales applications and save time on manual updates. Send data from your webshop straight to your marketing automation platform.
Build Data Blends to trigger actions in one application when a certain condition is changed in another. For example, send an automated personalized promotion to your customer via your mailing tool, based on his buyer behavior in your e-commerce application.

Machine learning

Take your data to a new level by applying machine learning. Use historical data from your, e.g. e-commerce tools to run it through machine learning platforms. Get predictive segmentation that shows buying propensities of your different target audiences and offer product recommendations based on their previous purchases.

Controlled data entry & data enrichment

Use Data Blends to build dashboards for controlled data entry and let your sales team enter new leads directly from a central dashboard or blend and integrate data from other tools to enrich the data you already process.

Big data and BI

Send data from your marketing and sales tools to data warehouses, e.g. Redshift, so you can easily manage big data, segment your audience at a larger scale, visualize and analyze your data.


Connect your cloud applications with advertising and marketing platforms, automate your campaigns on multiple channels and apply machine learning to predict buying propensity of your target audience and get product recommendations.

Create Data Blends to combine, share and enrich your data and automate any data flow

Data compliance

Comply with the data regulations (GDPR). Select “Compliance GDPR” Data Blend, connect your Data Sources – cloud applications you use to store and process personal data of your data subjects, and create and maintain your Data Register. Use your Data Subject Dashboard to access, correct and delete all information about your data subjects (clients, prospects, employees…).

Data visualization and sharing

Create Data Blends to share metrics and customer data with team members, business partners, and clients. You can combine multiple Data Blends to create dashboards and share them in a browser or even integrate in the mailboxes of your sales teams.

Discover solutions

Create Data Blends to sync, merge, share and enrich your marketing and sales data, orchestrate your campaigns and automate any flow.

The marketing automation cookbook:
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