Integrate your SaaS platform with 200+ marketing and sales applications

Sync data and automate workflows

Sync data between your SaaS platform and other marketing and sales applications. For example, send data from your cloud tool to a CRM, marketing automation platform or any other app requested by your customers. Build Blends to trigger actions in one application when a certain condition is changed in another.

Machine learning

Take your integrations to a new level by connecting your platform to machine learning applications. Allow your customers to use their historical data from your platform and run it through machine learning platforms to, for example, get predictive segmentation that shows buying propensities of their different target audiences.

Data enrichment

Integrate your SaaS platform with a data enrichment cloud tool. Let your customers easily enrich their leads’ and customers’ data with valuable marketing information and financial insights.

Big data and BI

Create Blends to send data from your marketing or sales SaaS platform to data warehouses, e.g. Redshift, so your customers can easily manage big data, segment their audience at a larger scale, visualize and analyze their data.


Integrate your SaaS platform with advertising and marketing platforms. Allow your customers to use data from your cloud app to run retargeting campaigns or sync leads from lead-generation ads straight into your cloud tool.

Do you want to supercharge your integration capabilities?