Integrate your overall Event Tech stack is a cloud automation and data integration platform that connects to 100+ applications in sales and marketing, including a wide range of Event Tech software.

Connect your EMS (event management system), CRM, registration or ticketing platform, mobile apps and other cloud tools, in order to synchronize your registrants, ticket & registration data, barcodes and scan data, exhibitor data, attendee activity, event agenda and any other type of data across your tools.

Synchronize registrants

Synchronize registrants (attendees, ticket buyers) between your ticketing system, registration platform or EMS (event management system) and your CRM, marketing automation platform or any other cloud tool.

Your EMS


Automate your Event Tech stack

Build Data Blends (workflows) across your Event Tech platforms to automate flows. E.g. automatically trigger a campaign when a user registers, send alerts via Slack or email to your team when an event is sold out or automatically export scan data after the event and send it to your exhibitors.

Your EMS


Connect your mobile event app, matchmaking and networking tools

Stop doing manual imports and exports via Excel. Instead, connect all your on-site cloud tools and continuously synchronize attendees to your mobile event app, matchmaking tools and any other platform.

Your EMS

Mobile apps

Matchmaking, networking

Export all attendee activity for deep analytics

Export all event data to the analytics platform of your choice for unified deep analytics, including behavioural data captured with an event mobile app or beacons, session attendance data, survey data, EMS data and data from any other source.

Your EMS

Analytics & BI

Synchronize scan data, event agenda and other data

Use to sync scan data from exhibitor lead capture tools, event agenda (sessions) and any other type of data between your Event Tech tools. Eliminate the need for manual copy/paste using Excel and keep all your tools in sync and up-to-date.

Your scanners


Integrate advertising platforms to retarget and promote

Link your ticketing platform, registration platform or EMS with advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, allowing you to retarget visitors for your next event and allowing you to launch “Lookalike” campaigns to promote your events to a wider yet hyper-relevant audience.

Your EMS


Data enrichment

Link data enrichment services to your EMS platform, in order to enrich user and company data for e.g. segmentation.

Your EMS

Data enrichment

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