Integrate your favourite tools and automate workflows across multiple applications


Easily integrate all your marketing stack

14 days free trial, no obligations

Connect your cloud tools and create visual workflows

Use visual Data Blend editor to integrate your marketing stack and automate any workflow: create campaigns, recommend products, predict buying propensity, enrich data, generate new leads and more.

  • Integrate 100+ marketing and sales applications
  • Specifically built for marketers - no developers required
  • Loops and conditional “if-then” blocks for a powerful automation
  • The powerful built-in logic for data handling and mapping

14 days free trial, no obligations

User-friendly templates for a quick start

Configure your integration and flow automation in 3 steps with Data Blend templates. Connect your cloud tools and blend your data with easy-to-use templates for data synchronization, marketing automation, predictive segmentation, data enrichment, advertising campaigns and more.

  • Choose from one of the many templates
  • Get a quick start

Instantly generate dynamic creatives for hyper-personalization

Personalize images for ads, social media and email campaigns with the Content Hub. Automatically create large amounts of variations of images with your products and offers and target your audience with the most relevant content via different digital marketing channels. You can connect Content Hub to CMS and DAM systems or you can even crawl images from your website. 

  • Create hyper-personalized content
  • Generate large amounts of images based on consumer interests
  • Connect Content Hub to other Data Blends for cross-channel flow automation
  • Free your designers from wasting time on creating hundreds of similar visuals
Content hub dynamic creatives

Combine valuable data from multiple cloud tools in your dashboards

Dashboards are combinations of your Data Blends. Visualize and share your Data Blends with your colleagues and clients or create contextual dashboards to e.g. have a complete data overview of your lead interactions.

  • Share dashboards with team members
  • Allow data entry without giving an access to the actual applications
  • Build Dashboards for e.g. account managers to highlight all account’s activity
  • Integrate into a mailbox
  • Choose what you want to include, e.g. latest campaigns, helpdesk tickets, purchases and more

Easily integrate all your marketing stack

14 days free trial, no obligations

Discover use cases

Create Data Blends to sync, merge, share and enrich your marketing and sales data, orchestrate your campaigns and automate any flow.

Powerful features is an enterprise-scale data integration and cloud automation platform that bridges the gap between citizen users and developers.

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Powerful building blocks

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Big-data support

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Hyper-scalabe execution

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Schedules, batch & webhooks

100-plus-connectors copy

100+ connectors

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For citizen users & developers

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Content Personalization

data-compliance copy

Data Compliance

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Dynamic ad creatives

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Secure Docker container based isolation

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Templates & Setup wizards

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Whitelabel for SaaS

For developers

Unified API

A clean uniform REST API to access all your marketing & sales tools and your social media channels.

Unified API