Data Hub

Get a centralized access and control to all your marketing and sales data inside your Data Hub. Connect your Data Sources to create Data Blends and build your Dashboards.

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Data Blend

Easily blend data from all your marketing and sales tools. Choose a template from a wide range of Data Blends or create your own to synchronize data, orchestrate data flows, enrich your data, comply with data regulations (GDPR), apply machine learning and much more.

Data Source connectors

Select and integrate with just a few clicks your marketing and sales applications, databases, social media profiles and other tools.

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Dashboards are combinations of your Data Blends. Visualize and share your Data Blends with your colleagues and clients or create contextual dashboards to e.g. have a complete data overview of your lead. You can even integrate dashboards to the mailboxes of your sales teams and let them add extra info to your customers straight away.

Create Data Blends to combine, share and enrich your data

For developers

Unified API

A clean uniform REST API to access all your marketing & sales tools and your social media channels.

Unified API Blendr.io

Unified SDK’s

SDK’s in PHP, Javascript (other languages coming soon) for unified access to all your data sources.

Unified SDK's Blendr.io