UI & embedding layer

Embed integrations into the UI of your SaaS product

There are several ways you can visualize the integrations you’ve built with the Blend Editor for your customers. You can set up your branded Integration Hub, enable SSO (Single-Sign-On), embed integrations using an iframe with SSO or embed integrations using the server-side code.

Natively embed integrations

List all the integrations you have built with the Blend Editor inside your SaaS solutions. Allow your customers to easily activate integrations with just a couple of clicks straight away from your platform. Embed an iframe with SSO or use the server-side code to retrieve a list of integrations and add it in your own code.

Integration Hub

The Integration Hub is a central place for your integrations. Your Integration Hub has a unique URL, your logo and other banded elements. Your Branded Integration Hub is tailored to your specific business needs, your SaaS industry and your customers’ integration requests.

You can also choose to not embed integrations at all and manage them through your Blendr.io Integration Hub. Discover more about the management layer.

Discover 4 main layers of the Blendr.io integration platform

Connectivity layer

Integration layer

Embedding layer

Management layer