Data visualization and sharing

Companies create many touchpoints with their leads and customers: via digital advertising, sign up forms on landing pages, automated emails, helpdesks and other. In many cases, sales teams do not have access to all these tools and as a result, they are not aware what is going on with their accounts.

With a Dashboard, account managers and sales reps can easily view their accounts’ data from the CRM, project management tool, helpdesk application, marketing automation platform etc.

Create Dashboards and share your data

You connect your sales and marketing applications, create Data Blends that define what data are valuable to your sales team and combine Data Blends into a contextual Dashboard.

When your colleagues type in the name of a company, the Dashboard will show in real-time the most recent projects, helpdesk tickets, email campaigns and other interactions.

You can even allow controlled data entry to e.g. add comments to support ticket via a centralized secure dashboard. This is really what “data democratization” inside your company is all about: the ability to share data with everyone involved, in an easy and secure manner.

Connect your marketing and sales applications and create contextual dashboards