Data enrichment

Companies collect personal data through various marketing and sales tools. In many cases, just these data are not enough to identify your leads or take strategic decisions. You still need to look for more valuable information on other sources, e.g. search for the job title and responsibilities of your potential customer. The more personal data you collect, the more time and effort you need to find and add valuable insights to your leads.

Data enrichment is used to enhance data and improve the quality of your raw data. It is a very powerful tool when you use it for marketing and sales. It allows you to build deep and complex lead profiles based on the information you get from data enrichment platforms. Furthermore, data enrichment tools can automatically update your lead information on all your other platforms, e.g. in case his or her job title, email or other data changes.

Enrich your marketing and sales data

data enrichment

With you canĀ automate any of your data flows and enrich data of your CRM, marketing automation applications, social media accounts, mailing tools, help desks, website forms and other applications by connecting them to a data enrichment platform.

For example, create a Data Blend to enrich your website form sign-up data with Clearbit, or other data enrichment application, to identify your prospects and gain insights. Next, push the data to your CRM and connect your internal communication channel, e.g. Slack, to send notifications to different members of your sales team to take care of the leads or target these leads with personalized advertising.

Enrich your sales and marketing data