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Send us an email, join us for a coffee and get to know our team. We are located in iHub, in the centre of Ghent, Belgium.

Full-stack PHP developers

You will join our development team and work on both the back-end and front-end of the platform. The back-end includes API integrations, a distributed worker infrastructure to process data, various machine learning integrations etc. The front-end includes web development, but also development of Chrome extensions, Outlook add-ins etc.


Read our job description for full-stack developers

Digital marketing & growth marketeer

We are looking for a skilled content marketing and growth hacking wizard, to get the word out. You will be responsible for our overall inbound marketing strategy, writing new content and managing our CRM and marketing automation tools.


Read our job description for digital marketer

​Data scientist

As our chief data scientist, you will be working on the data models of, as well as AI-features of the product. This includes deep learning algorithms with Spark and TensorFlow, and also genetic algorithms, shortest-path algorithms, prediction algorithms etc.


Interested ?

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