Build tailored integrations for your customers

Become a certified integration partner

Are you an agency, consultant or IT integrator that provides services related to HubSpot, Salesforce, SharpSpring, Marketo or other SaaS platforms? And do your customers request tailored integrations?

Become a certified partner and efficiently implement the integrations that your customers are asking for.

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Use the Blend Editor to integrate your customers’ technology stack has a growing library of API-connectors to 500+ cloud platforms including CRM, marketing automation solutions, ERP software, accounting systems, e-commerce platforms, and other cloud solutions.

Use the Blend Editor to link blocks, map fields,  add your business logic by including conditions & variables and create comprehensive integrations for your customers.

Rapidly growing businesses and established agencies trust is an excellent solution to link or integrate different platforms, to automate processes, to pass data. As it’s much more useful than Zapier, it is better for the more complex integrations we do as a HubSpot Diamond Partner. Excellent & fast support.”

Johan Vantomme

What is included in the partnership?

  • All you need to get started – hands-on training and personal support by the integration team.
  • Do your customer request integration with a platform that is not yet connected to As a partner you can request new connectors, and the integration team will add them with priority within 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Use all the features of the Blend Editor to build the integrations your customers are asking for.
  • Use powerful admin features to manage your customers and to activate integrations in a secure and scalable manner.
  • Get leads from for your vertical, specialty or region
  • Access to the service desk for 3rd line support

Requirements for certified partners

  • At least one of your team members is certified on (Basic certification completed on
  • Active agency license
  • At least one active customer on
  • Two completed hands-on sessions with training team

Discover connectors for your region offers a wide range of connectors, including ERP, CRM and accounting platforms for specific regions.

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Integration use cases

CRM to Marketing Automation

Sync data between CRM tools and marketing automation platforms. Build integrations to trigger actions in marketing automation platforms, when certain conditions are changed in another platform.

Build data flows between ERP and Accounting software

Integrate ERP systems e.g. Odoo, AFAS, and other platforms with Accounting software such as Xero, Quickbooks, Exact Online, Power Office, etc.


Data Enrichment

Integrate data providers with CRM’s, marketing automation platforms, lead generation and other marketing sales cloud tools to automatically enrich your contacts data with valuable insights.

AI Engines and Growth Hacking

Capture data from multiple marketing and sales cloud applications to feed the AI engine, and send the outcomes from the AI platform to other cloud applications and trigger automated flows.

CRM to Communication platforms

Sync contacts from CRM solutions to communication platforms and cloud telephony apps. Route the calls to different colleagues based on certain conditions, e.g. the stage of the lead in your CRM pipeline.

Webshop to CRM

Automatically sync orders and customers from webshops to CRM, update the order status and segment customers based on products and basket size.


Pull data from a CRM platform, marketing automation tool, helpdesk and other cloud solutions to a dashboard for a complete overview.