How do you know if your SaaS needs iPaaS

February 20, 2020

Native integrations are essential for the growth of SaaS platforms. Sure enough, your development team could build one or two integrations by using e.g. the Salesforce API. The challenge, however, is to scale the number of integrations you offer, as well as the ability to configure and customize each integration for individual customers. That is where integration platforms, like step in.

So, how do you know that your SaaS needs iPaaS? If you can recognize any (or maybe even all) of these cases, then you should consider an iPaaS solution.

“Damn, we did not expect it would take us thaaat long to add a couple of CRM integrations…”
Did it take several months to add a couple of native integrations like Salesforce, HubSpot or Microsoft Dynamics, etc. to your SaaS platform? And then you did basic math and realized that it, unfortunately, might take a couple of years 😨 to add another 10-20 integrations.

“When integrations to X, Y and Z will be available?” – is what your customers often ask
Do your customers often request new integrations? If your SaaS solution can not seamlessly communicate with the rest of their stack, managing multiple platforms can very easily turn to an “excel hell” and end up causing errors in manual data inputs, as a result – customer frustration.

Or even worse… Losing deals due to no (too few) integrations
Have you ever lost deals because you could not offer out-of-the-box integrations? Or it would take you way too much time to develop it? Well, with the integration platform like you can add new integrations within 1-2 weeks.

The integrations you’ve built are too difficult to change
Your customers request some changes or more customization options in the integrations, but it is too difficult or even impossible to change. With the integration platform, you can build integrations that can be customized by each customer.

You want to launch your integration marketplace soon
You want to scale integration offering fast and launch an integration marketplace (or a new integration tab in the UI of your SaaS platform) filled with the integrations to CRM, helpdesks, sales & marketing automation or any other platforms.

You have limited time and dev resources
Your dev team suddenly ends up spending more time than planned on building integrations and losing the focus on developing the core product, but you want to launch the integration offering soon.

You want to take full control over your integrations
You do not want to send your customers to third-party integration platforms anymore, e.g. Zapier. Instead, you want to take full control over integrations yourself, choose to monetize integrations (e.g. adding this option to a “pro” subscription) or include integrations in a “standard” offering.

Ok, my SaaS needs iPaaS, what’s next?
Adding native integrations to your SaaS platform does not have to be painful. You do not have to take the focus out of your dev team, neither spend much time on maintenance and figuring out how other APIs work. Thanks to an iPaaS solution like, you can create integrations up to 10-times faster than “classic” development, embed those integrations into your SaaS platform and let your customers activate it within a couple of simple steps.

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