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June 19, 2018

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In today’s media oversaturated lifestyle, consumers expect a hyper-personalized brand experience more than ever. This is where “recommendation engines” can be a great help to create relevant content.

Recommendation engines are typically used in webshops, but you can also use them to send personalized emails to your customers, with the most relevant product recommendations, based on their previous purchases and online behavior. This is a powerful way of upselling to your existing customer base.

To do so you need to integrate your e-commerce platform with a recommendation engine and connect it to your mailing tool.

In this example we will be using Recombee as a recommendation engine, Magento as an e-commerce platform, MailChimp as an emailing tool and as an integration and automation platform.

Here is how to use a recommendation engine


1. First, you send data from e.g. past purchases to the recommendation engine, this is the “learning phase”.

2. Then, the engine will predict what products or services your target audience is more likely to purchase next.

3. Once you obtain recommendations, you can link them to your emailing tool and trigger personalized email campaigns. For example, you could add a “merge field” in MailChimp and fill this field automatically with the product to recommend and use this field in your mailing template. Watch the Data Blend in action.

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