10 benefits of integrating your marketing, sales and customer support tools

December 29, 2017

Marketing automation

1à benefits of integrating your marketing, sales and customer support tools

Marketing, sales and customer support are becoming more and more data-driven. This results in a rapid growth of the application market. There are plenty of different tools: some of them are focussed on productivity and saving your time, others on providing you with deep insights and analytics or help you managing support requests.

Marketing, sales and customer support tools are booming

The good news is there are a lot of tools that can help you to manage marketing, sales, and customer support. Each month there are new applications to satisfy different commercial needs: there are great niche players, e.g. chatbot builders, or the ones that can combine several tasks, e.g. marketing automation tools.

Let’s just have a look at how many tools a marketer uses daily – an email tool to send promos, search engine advertising tools, productivity tools to export data from e.g. e-commerce tool and create a lookalike campaign in social media, schedule and publish content on different media and there is more. Then if you think about all the tools that your sales teams and customer support use, like CRM, sales enablement, project management, helpdesk you won’t be surprised anymore that on average an enterprise uses over 50 different tools for marketing, sales, and customer support.

Data silos

The bad news is that very often all these cloud applications are becoming data silos, meaning that they are not communicating with each other. As a result, because of lack of integration these tools instead of helping you, actually slow you down. The more isolated tools – the more manual work, such as updating data, export and import different lists, login to different accounts, dealing with different interfaces… So, wouldn’t it be better if all these can be automated? Or even give you an access to data from all your marketing, sales and customer support tools and ability to orchestrate them the way you want?

Why you need to integrate your marketing, sales and customer support tools

To be able to effectively manage such amount of tools you need to have a smooth integration. This includes a unified access, data synchronization, orchestration and data segmentation. When integrated, you can use your marketing, sales and customer support tools to their fullest potential.

1. Unified access

Get a unified access to the data from all of your tools. This will definitely save your time and give you a complete overview of your performance.

2. Data synchronization

You can connect your databases, e.g. MySQL and Hubspot, which will spare you from manual updates and from importing your client bases twice.

3. Segmentation

Once you integrate data from your different tools, you can apply several filters and create new segments, e.g. find people who purchased your product and are active on social media.

How can you integrate your marketing, sales and customer support tools?

Ok, the main advantages are clear, but how can you integrate all your tools without technical knowledge? To help you integrate your tools yourself we created Blendr.io. With Blendr.io you can blend data from all your marketing, sales and customer support tools.

Blendr.io consists of 3 main parts: Data Sources, Widgets, and Dashboards. So to integrate your tools, you will need to simply select them and allow the access. After that you are ready to build your widgets for all sorts of actions with your data, e.g. sync, orchestrate, segment, compare, enrich… To build a widget, you just need to select data sources you want to use, add corresponding blocks and apply your logic to get the outcome you want. You can combine several widgets to create your custom dashboards and share them with your colleagues or clients.

On top of a unified access, data synchronization and segmentation, Blendr.io provides you with more possibilities to get the best out of your marketing, sales and customer support tools:

4. Orchestration

With Blendr.io you can orchestrate all your digital marketing campaigns and emails, project management, resolving support questions and any other capabilities of your existing tools combined. For example, you can orchestrate a personalized promo email that will be targeted to the audience taken from your e-commerce platform that viewed a certain product in your online shop, or you can orchestrate a new project creation in your project management tool once you got a customer support request.

5. Data visualization and sharing

You can create your custom dashboards to e.g. share analytics from all your marketing channels with your colleagues or clients or create contextual dashboards to help sales reps find all the information you store in different tools about a certain client.

dashboard Blendr.io

6. Data enrichment

You can enrich your customer, prospects and leads’ data by capturing useful information and insights directly from your sales team mailboxes or blend and integrate data from other tools to get more information on your audience.

7. Controlled data entry

With Blendr.io you can build dashboards for controlled data entry and integrate it to the mailboxes of your sales teams so they can enter all the required information about leads and clients straight away.

8. Ad-hoc analytics

With marketing, sales and customer support data integration you can do ad-hoc analysis. For example, you might wonder who is in your CRM and with whom of these people, you are not yet connected on Social Media? You can easily run this analysis and straight away send a request to connect.

blendr widget

9. Planning

As you have all your tools connected together on one platform, you can create dashboards with your current and target values. This will give you and your team a complete overview of where to allocate resources and it will help you to plan your marketing and sales strategy and follow up on your progress anytime.

10. Prediction

You can use historical metric data from your applications to forecasting your marketing and sales results.

Data integration is not only about being more efficient in using your tools, though it will definitely help you to focus on your core business instead of repetitive manual actions but also about leveraging features of applications and use them to the fullest to meet your goals.

Are you looking for a solution to integrate your marketing, sales and customer support tools? Let us know!

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