Inbound 2017: key disruptors, changes and inspiration

December 26, 2017

Artificial intelligence, Marketing automation

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Just a couple of weeks ago Niko Nelissen (founder of and enjoyed Hubspot`s Inbound 2017. In this blogpost he shares his favourite highlights, inspirational quotes, and product announcements from Inbound 2017.

Main disruptors

AI and machine learning

AI and machine learning are the hottest topics for 2018 and here is why. AI allows you to deliver at the right time hyper personalized relevant content to specific target audiences. Isn’t it a marketing and sales dream? And machine learning is a step further that crafts this process and let the best actions become even better and get rid off failed ones.

Do you want to learn more about AI and machine learning? Take a look at this presentation.

Big data

“Big data” has been a buzzword already for a while, but it is still one of the most discussed topics. Big data refers to “large, complex datasets that can be difficult to organize and analyze. Modern technology and the internet of things (IoT) mean we’re able to collect more data than ever before.” (HubSpot)

But how can you integrate these data and get the best out of it? Should you use a combination of “best of breed” tools, or one platform that can satisfy most of you needs? The truth is that you will need both: a “central” main platform combined with various niche marketing, sales and customer support tools, and the ability to integrate them all using a data integration platform such as

Food for thought

Though there is a lot of disruption coming from new technologies, other factors such as customer behaviour, sales relationships, company structure and management also experience a lot of changes. Here is what some of the industry leaders think about these changes:

Dharmesh Shah Inbound 2017

Dharmesh Shah (Founder / CTO at HubSpot): “Your network is not who you know, but who knows you and knows what you do and what you are good at.”

Stewart Butterfield (CEO at Slack) : “Slack is not just a communication tool, it creates a new level of transparency in the company, making people feel not so left out on e.g. decision taking.”

Piera Gelardi (Executive Creative Director and co-founder of Refinery29) spoke about courageous creativity, how to be “the most of you” and how to create conditions for creativity. Take a look at her inspirational talk here.

Brené Brown (Public speaker and a research professor at the University of Houston): “We need to reconnect as a society, people need to be able to belong.” 

Here are a couple of quotes that caught Niko’s attention at a lobster restaurant, and we at think are equally important.

Inbound 2017 Lobster restaurant quote
Inbound 2017 Lobster restaurant quote 2

Inbound 2017 announcements

Of course none of the Inbound conferences can happen without launching new products and announcing big Hubspot’s news. Curious? Here are some of them:

Inbound 2017 conversations

  • New “Hubspot Sales Professional” – the all-in-one sales toolkit to supercharge your sales engine. (Hubspot)

  • Acquisition of – visual chat bot builder.

  • HubSpot Conversations – a unified inbox (email, slack, messenger…) that draws insights from the company’s CRM and marketing data to give teams the full context of every interaction. It will be a part of HubSpot CRM (free version) in 2018.
  • Scott Brinker (founder of is now the “VP platform ecosystem” at Hubspot
  • HubSpot Customer Hub is a new component of Hubspot, which will make it easy for companies to understand, respond, and grow through the success of their customers.

If before everybody was telling that change was coming, now there is no doubt that it is already here. So it is up to companies to start adopting and take the best out of it.

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