Big Data and BI

Though companies gather more marketing and sales data than ever before, not every application can easily process it, especially if you hold data on hundred thousand clients, leads, their previous purchases, geographical locations, languages and other data. To be able to process your big data and run complex data queries, e.g. “Who is from all my clients operates in France and purchased A, B and C product 5-6 months ago?”, you need to connect your big data to data warehouses. is a data integration and cloud automation platform. With you can easily extract data from your CRM, e-commerce webshops, marketing automation platforms and send it to data warehouses for big data processing.

Connect your applications to a data warehouse

Big data BI

Create a Data Blend to send data from, e.g. your CRM to Redshift or to another data warehouse, for big data processing. will keep your data synchronized so you can run data queries in a data warehouse and use other BI tools, e.g. Looker to analyse and visualize your data.

Connect your applications to a data warehouse

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Create Data Blends to sync, merge, share and enrich your marketing and sales data, orchestrate your campaigns and automate any flow.