Connectivity layer

500+ API Connectors

Connecting your cloud platform to is the first step of the integration process. Once connected, you can start building comprehensive integrations between your SaaS product and other platforms with the Blend Editor. The Blend Editor is a powerful and flexible visual integration builder.

What is an API Connector?

An API Connector is a cloud platform that is connected to Connectors come with a set of action blocks which are visual representations of APIs.

Drag & connect action blocks from data sources in the Blend Editor, add variables, conditions, loops, and configure other settings to build integrations without coding.

How to add API Connectors?

To add your platform’s connector to you simply need to provide the team with your API documentation and a test account.

If you’d like to have a private instance for your integrations, you can also add API connectors to other platforms yourself.

Discover 4 main layers of the integration platform

Connectivity layer

Integration layer

Embedding layer

Management layer