Connectivity layer

Add native integrations to your SaaS solution

500+ API Connectors

Connecting your cloud platform to is the first step of the integration process. Once your platform is connected to you can start building comprehensive integrations between your SaaS solution and other cloud tools with the Blend Editor. The Blend Editor is a powerful and flexible visual integration builder.

What is an API Connector?

An API Connector is a cloud platform that is connected to Connectors come with a set of action blocks which are visual representations of APIs. In the Blend Editor, you can select, drag & drop action block of one platform and connect it to action blocks of other platforms, build actual integrations without coding and embed them into the UI of your platform.

How to add API Connectors?

To add your platform’s connector to you simply need to provide the team with your API documentation and a test account.

Webinar : Getting started, build integrations with empowers SaaS companies and agencies to build integrations in a scalable and secure manner, up to 10 times faster than “classic” development.

In this webinar we will cover how you can build comprehensive integrations with the Blend Editor. is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution for SaaS companies



Build customized enterprise-grade integrations as well as standardized self-service integrations

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Powerful integration features including filters, variables, conditions, data queues, webhook support, schedules and more



A rapidly growing library of 500+ connectors to various cloud applications 



Use the visual workflow builder to create integrations without coding and embed them inside your platform

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Scalable supports big data as well as hyper-scalable and distributed execution to manage billions of data records


Secure is a hyper-secure platform with 2-factor authentication and external testing and audits

Join the ecosystem and supercharge your integration capabilities 

Discover 4 main layers of the integration platform