To run successful digital campaigns you need to make sure you target the right audience with the right message via the right channel. There are a lot of platforms that opened up advertising opportunities for marketers. You can create personalized ads, target segments via multiple channels based on their online behaviour and more.

But in order to set up your campaigns, you still need to get the right data from other tools. In many cases, it requires you to manually export data from one of your platforms, e.g. CRM, analyse it, arrange it for uploading and then set up your campaigns channel by channel.

With you can connect your cloud applications with advertising and marketing platforms, automate your campaigns on multiple channels and even apply machine learning to predict customer behaviour.

Integrate your advertising platforms and automate your campaigns

Generate new leads with lookalike audiences

Create a Data Blend to connect your CRM to Facebook Ads. Use emails of your existing clients to advertise your product or service to lookalike audiences on Facebook.

Automate your personalized email campaigns

Use a Data Blend to connect your e-commerce WebShop with your mailing platform and trigger personalized offers to your shoppers based on what products they viewed or purchased.

Predict buying propensity

Use historical data from your CRM or e-commerce webshop to push it to machine learning platforms. Machine learning platforms will predict buying propensity of different customer segments and tell you what product and who is more likely to purchase next. Then, trigger campaigns on you advertising channels which will target audiences with the highest buying propensity and/or will show products they are most likely to buy next.

Create Data Blends to integrate applications and automate data flows