Integrate your B2B SaaS platform with 400+ cloud apps

Add secure native integrations to your platform

Add native integrations to your B2B SaaS platform, e.g. CRM’s, helpdesks, chats, dashboarding solutions, databases, sales cloud tools, messaging apps, and other cloud applications. Embed integrations in your SaaS platform and let your customers activate integrations just with a couple of clicks.

Save time on custom development and win more deals by offering comprehensive integrations to your clients.

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Use for a wide range of integration use cases

Integrate ATS and HR solutions

Integrate an applicant tracking system with HR platforms to automatically sync data when e.g. an applicant becomes an employer.

lead gen platform

Connect CRM with an accounting platform

Integrate CRM with accounting software to automatically create invoices when a new deal is closed.


Integrate data provider with CRM

Integrate a data provider with your CRM to enrich your contacts with valuable data, technographic insights and other information that will help your sales team.

data enrichment

E-commerce – ERP integration

Automatically sync orders from an e-commerce platform to ERP for better planning and forecasting and keeping the data about online and offline sales.

ecommerce integration

Webinar : Getting started, build integrations with empowers SaaS companies to build integrations in a scalable and secure manner, up to 10 times faster than “classic” development.

In this webinar we will cover how you can build comprehensive integrations with the Blend Editor.

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Partnerships & Sales Manager is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution for SaaS companies



Build customized enterprise-grade integrations as well as standardized self-service integrations

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Powerful integration features including filters, variables, conditions, data queues, webhook support, schedules and more



A rapidly growing library of 400+ connectors to various cloud applications 



Use the visual workflow builder to create integrations without coding and embed them inside your platform

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Scalable supports big data as well as hyper-scalable and distributed execution to manage billions of data records


Secure is a hyper-secure platform with 2-factor authentication and external testing and audits