About Blendr.io

Companies use multiple cloud applications for sales and marketing. Very often these tools are not able to seamlessly communicate with each other. You either need to deal with multiple accounts, interfaces, manual data export & imports or involve your IT teams in order to help to integrate your marketing stack.

We wanted to let marketers and sales to be able to easily connect all their tools and use their data to the fullest. That is why we built Blendr.io – a data integration and cloud automation platform. With Blendr.io you can leverage features of all your applications without involving IT.

We take pride in understanding all the newest technologies in the marketing stack to let you experiment with e.g. AI by connecting your data to machine learning platforms, or easily set up other POCs and create different Data Blends.

Blendr.io helps you to close the gap between marketing and sales teams. With Blendr.io dashboards you can easily share valuable data with everybody involved in an easy and secure manner, this is really what “data democratization” inside your company is all about.

Blendr.io experienced team is operating from Belgium and have international partners and customers around the world.


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Hyper-scalable end-to-end platform for automation and integration

The Blendr.io platform was built from the ground up with connectivity, scalability, security, and ease of use in mind. The Blendr.io platform is a multi-region cloud-based integration platform that offers easy to use tools for end-users, advanced features for citizen integrators and comprehensive tools for development teams. Blendr.io bridges the gap between citizen users in marketing teams, IT & development teams and external partners, in order to enable true “data democratization”.

AI that understands the mailbox

As a part of our vision, we have also created MailMine, an email extension for sales teams. MailMine bridges the gap between marketing and sales and unleashes hidden networks of your team members to discover new leads.