is an embedded integration
and automation platform for SaaS companies

Add comprehensive integrations to your SaaS platform

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Rapidly growing list of connectors has a rapidly growing list of connectors to marketing, sales, and events cloud platforms.

Add your SaaS platform to the list of the connectors and use the Blend Editor to integrate your application with other 150+ cloud tools. Each connector has pre-defined action blocks – API endpoints.

Did not find a connector or a feature? Do you want to add your platform to the list of connectors? Let us know and the Integration Team will connect it.

Data Blend Editor

Powerful Blend Editor

Stop doing one-time integrations for each new client – they are hard, time-consuming and costly. Use the powerful Blend Editor to build integrations and automation workflows between your platform and other 150+ applications without coding.

Blend Editor is a visual drag-and-drop workflow builder. Connect data source blocks (API endpoints), add your business logic using conditions, variables, loops, call webhooks and use other features to build powerful integrations.

No time to build workflows? Outsource integrations to the Integration Team.

Easy-to-use templates

Once you’ve built and tested an integration with the Blend Editor you can easily transform it into a template and publish it inside your White Label Integration Hub or embed it into UI of your platform.

Templates are very easy-to-use. Your customers just need to go through 3 simple steps: link their platforms, configure some fields, if needed, and run the integration. You can always adapt and customize your templates if your client requests a slightly different integration scenario.

Seamless integrations with your platform

SaaS companies partner with to boost their integration efforts, and to offer comprehensive integrations to their clients.

Add all the integrations your customers are asking for. Choose how you want your customers to set up your integrations – create your own White Label Integration Hub with or without SSO (Single Sign-On) or embed integrations straight into the UI of your platform. is your integration partner in all aspects – technology, services, and marketing

  • Supercharge your integration capabilities by connecting to 150+ platforms
  • Save time on building integrations between your platform and other apps
  • Provide integrations your customers are asking for and close more deals
  • Gain control over your integrations
  • Co-marketing and sales enablement materials
  • Free your developers from integration headaches and focus on developing the core business

Do you want to supercharge your integration capabilities?