Blend your marketing & sales tools

Create “Data Blends” to integrate your cloud tools
and automate any flow without coding.

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Connect action data blocks, add conditions to create “Data Blends” for data synchronization, workflow automation, and growth hacking. Save time on manual data entry and take your automation to the next level.

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Custom integrations are costly and time-consuming. With you can instantly integrate your SaaS with 130+ other applications and give your customers all the integration capabilities they need.

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Integrate 130+ marketing and sales applications and automate any workflows across them

Easily connect your CRM, emailing tools, marketing automation platforms, helpdesks, webshops, machine learning applications, advertising platforms and much more. Sync data in real-time and build complex workflows across your cloud tools.

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Connect your cloud tools with one click


Data Blends

Link action blocks to create visual workflows



Combine Data Blends into Dashboards

Discover our examples of automated workflows

Set up one-to-one integrations or build complex workflows using conditional logic and other powerful action blocks.

Create Data Blends to combine, share, enrich your data and automate any workflow

Powerful features is the only iPaaS solution (integration Platform as a Service) tailored for marketing and sales teams. is an enterprise-scale data integration and cloud automation platform that bridges the gap between citizen users and developers.

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Powerful building blocks

big-data-support copy

Big-data support

hyper-scalable-execution copy

Hyper-scalable execution

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Schedules, batch & webhooks

100-plus-connectors copy

130+ connectors

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For citizen users & developers

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Content Personalization

data-compliance copy

Data Compliance

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Dynamic ad creatives

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Secure Docker container based isolation

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Templates & Setup wizards

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Whitelabel for SaaS

The Marketing Automation Cookbook

The brochure for enterprises

The SaaS integration strategies Bluebook

The white-label Data Hub allows SaaS companies 

Hyper-scalable end-to-end iPaaS solution for automation and integration

The platform was built from the ground up with connectivity, scalability, security, and ease of use in mind. The platform is a multi-region cloud-based integration platform that offers easy to use tools for end-users, advanced features for citizen integrators and comprehensive tools for development teams. bridges the gap between citizen users in marketing teams, IT & development teams and external partners, in order to enable true “data democratization”.