Add native integrations to your SaaS platform 10 times faster is a powerful, hyper-scalable and secure integration platform for SaaS companies. Create integrations with the low-code visual builder, embed them into the UI of your platform and centrally manage your customer integrations.

Rapidly growing SaaS companies and established businesses trust

Build secure and powerful native integrations for your customers


Build integrations 10-times faster

use cases

Add new use cases to your SaaS solution


Offer your customers native integrations to 250+ platforms


Free your developers from integration headaches


Save cost on adding tens of integrations


Focus on developing your core platform instead of coding integrations

Boost your integration capabilities

Discover integration solutions for Event Tech, Martech, and B2B SaaS companies.

Event Tech SaaS

Integrate your Event Tech platform with mobile apps, EMS, registration solutions, marketing tools, and other cloud apps.

Martech SaaS

Integrate your platform with CRM, marketing automation platforms, lead gen forms, webshops and other cloud apps.

B2B SaaS

Integrate your platform with data enrichment applications, databases,  AI tools and other B2B SaaS cloud solutions.


Integrate your cloud-based phone system with CRM’s, helpdesks, sales cloud tools, and other cloud applications.

Discover 4 main layers of the integration platform

Connectivity layer

Integration layer

UI & embedding layer

Management layer

Connectivity layer has a rapidly growing library of connected applications. Join the ecosystem and integrate your platform with 250+ marketing, sales, and events cloud tools.

Did not find the connector you need? The team will add it within a couple of days.

Data Blend Editor

Integration layer

The Blend Editor is a visual, code-free integration builder. Build integrations between your SaaS solution and other cloud apps by connecting data sources, applying conditions, calling webhooks, adding loops and other powerful features. supports big data as well as hyper-scalable and distributed execution to manage billions of data records.

UI & embedding layer

Add all the integrations you’ve built with the Blend Editor as native integrations to your SaaS solution.

Embed integrations using iframe with SSO (single sign-on) and let your customers activate integrations with a couple of clicks straight away from your platform.

Management layer

Easily manage your customers, integrations and the way you embed them into your SaaS platform. is a flexible and powerful integration platform that solves the integration challenges for all types of customers.

Use to embed self-service & high-volume integrations to your platform or build custom integrations for your enterprise-level customers with specific needs. is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution for SaaS companies



Build customized enterprise-grade integrations as well as standardized self-service integrations

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Powerful integration features including filters, variables, conditions, data queues, webhook support, schedules and more


Connected has a growing library of 250+ connectors to various cloud applications 



The visual integration builder allows you to integrate platforms without coding and turn integrations into user-friendly templates

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Scalable supports big data as well as hyper-scalable and distributed execution to manage billions of data records


Secure is a hyper-secure platform with 2-factor authentication and external testing and audits

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